Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA)

After the deadly accident of RANA PLAZA labor organization, retailers & NGOs come to accord named “Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh” (by European retailers) “The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety” (by North American retailers). As per ACCORD & ALLIANCE about 2300 garments will be inspected and graded as per condition. If preliminary assessment seems unsatisfactory, then engineers recommend Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA).In that case garments authority will have to appoint an engineering consultancy firm, which will carry out detail and completed assessment of the building.

According to the “Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) Guidance”, A Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) is a detailed structural engineering investigation and reporting of a building structure. A DEA is necessary when there is insufficient information and documentation on the building structure to determine the safety of the structure.

Our Services:

The main focus of I-Design LTD is to take part in national development process to provide quality services by using our energetic & highly professional stuffs and their knowledge & skill on advanced tools & techniques in various fields. The I-Design LTD has been involved in providing Consultancy on Industrial Building in the following areas:

  • Providing Soft Copy and Hard Copy of Detail Engineering Assessment Report
  • Auditing Report for fire and electrical safety
  • Retrofitting drawings and calculations with proper reference.
  • Structural Analysis and Design of Steel Concrete Composite Structures
  • Structural Analysis and Design of Concrete Structures
  • Bearing Capacity evaluation of Soil


Note:  I-Design and Development Ltd is an enlisted consultant of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments for Structural Detail Engineering Assessment of any factory of Bangladesh.

Working Arena & Services

The company has extensive experience in providing services relating to the following field of specialization.

             As a Consultant we provide the following Services:

  • Feasibility study and Cost-Benefit ratio analysis of any upcoming project.
  • Digital Survey, Sub-Soil Investigation and Geo-Technical Consultancy.
  • Consultancy on Residential and Commercial Building by providing Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing & Electro-Mechanical services.
  • Consultancy for Industrial Park Development from very beginning like master plan preparation to Project Planning, Operation and Management.
  • Consultancy on Industrial Building by Providing Detail Engineering Assessment Report, Auditing Report for Fire and Electrical Safety.
  • Interior Design of any Corporate Office & Multinational Firm and Residence with an objective to trademark the Whole Project into a Greenery Project.­­­­­
  • As a Construction Organization Carry out the following Businesses:
  • Construction & Consultancy services for Pre-Fabricated Steel and Composite Structure like Factory Building, Warehouse etc.
  • Installation of Fire Fighting System and Central HVAC System.
  • Construction Works are executed for implementation of our Interior and Exterior Design.
  • Provide support in Project Planning, Operation and Management.
  • Business in Construction, Maintenance, and Renovation & Retrofitting works both in Public and Private sectors.

        Provide Services as:

  • Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical Consultant.
  • Consultant on Industrial Park Development.
  • Interior Design of any Corporate Office & Multinational Firm and Residence.
  • Sub-Soil Investigation and Geo-Technical Consultancy, GIS-Base Mapping Consultancy.


  • Carry out Business on:
  • All engineering Consultation like Architectural, Structural, Plumbing & Water supply, Electrical, Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical.
  • Construction & Consultancy of Pre-Fabricated Steel and Composite Structure like Factory Building, Warehouse etc.
  • Interior and Exterior Design & Construction Works.
  • Soil Investigation, Digital Land Survey & Master Planning
  • Property Developer and Project Co-Ordination & Management.

Business in  Construction & Repair with maintenance sector like Building, Bridges, Roads & Highways & other Civil, Electrical with Mechanical structures.

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