I-Development is the construction division of the company. All construction works of the company are executed and supervised with close monitoring and instruction of skilled and relevant engineering personnel of the division.

I-Development primarily deals with the consultation on construction problem at the site and provides best possible solution. Where design is the prerequisite for implementation of a civil engineering construction project, we believe, the major gain in structural safety lies on the proper supervision. Our talented engineers rout different regions of the country to supervise projects and ensure maximum precision in construction according to design drawings while taking account of the time of project completion.

I-Development is also dedicated to provide the technical support to build architecturally aesthetic, Serviceable and Structurally safe, Durable, Cost Effective, and practically easy to build Structures like Residential and Commercial RCC Building and Steel Structures and Composite Structures etc.

I-Development also involves in management of construction in different regions of Bangladesh and Provide the Following Support.

  • Construction & Consultancy services for Pre-Fabricated Steel and Composite Structure like Factory Building, Warehouse etc.
  • Installation of Fire Fighting System and Central HVAC System.
  • Construction Works are executed for implementation of our Interior and Exterior Design.
  • Provide support in Project Planning, Operation and Management.
  • Business in Construction, Maintenance, and Renovation & Retrofitting works both in Public and Private sectors.



Note: I-Design and Development Ltd is an enlisted A-1 (First class) Contractor of Education Engineering Department (EED).