I-Design is basically consultant division of the company. This division is capable and holds the right to interfere and provide its valuable suggestion(s) and effort to develop any other division of the company.

The Division has significant experience in providing architectural and structural consultation supports & services on project ranging different type of occupancies, steel structures, composite structures, bridges, telecommunication towers and so on.

This division is committed to investigate all appropriate planning and design solutions. The  expertise  personnel  of  this  division  have  an  extensive  knowledge  on application  of  modern  design  software  to  ensure rapid  and  accurate  response  to  structural  and  architectural issues.iDesign

I-Design Provide the Following Support:

  • Consultation on Architectural, Structural, Plumbing & Water supply, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Fighting & Electro-Mechanical services.
  • Interior Design of any Corporate Office & Multinational Firm and Residence.
  • Architectural and Structural Solution of any type of Structure.

Sub-soil investigation and Geo-technical Consultancy, Digital Land Survey & GIS-base mapping consultancy.

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