I Design & Development Ltd.


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I-Design and Development Ltd is an enlisted consultant of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments for Structural Detail Engineering Assessment of any factory of Bangladesh.

  • I-Design & Development Limited is formed with a bunch of talented Architects and Engineers, Interior Designers with a well-decorated administration. The team members of I-Design are experienced and energetic graduate from different public universities of Bangladesh like BUET, Dhaka University & Rajshahi University etc.Dairy (1)


  • I-Design & Development Limited is registered company of Bangladesh holds the legal right to conduct Consultation as well as Development is relating to Interior & Exterior Design, Architectural and Structural Design.Dairy (1)
  • I-Design & Development Limited has the resources, expertise and commitment required to deliver a high level of service on any type of design & development assignment.  The Company committed to prove excellence professionalism in optimum consulting solution which provides the client with value for satisfaction.Dairy (3) (FILEminimizer)


Throughout this WEB our clients will have a vivid picture of the company, synopsized resume of its expertise personnel and its portfolios.